Carthage superintendent resigns

Watertown Daily Times
Carthage superintendent leaving
NEW JOB: Militello to become head of Niagara Wheatfield Central School District after a tumultuous year
Date: Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Section: Jefferson
Edition: Both
Page: A1
Illustration: Color photo mug 

Carthage Central School District Superintendent Carl H. Militello will leave the district in August to become the new superintendent in the Niagara Wheatfield Central School District.Mr. Militello, who was hired in Carthage in July 2006 after spending six years as superintendent in Dunkirk, has recently come under fire by community members and municipal officials in the district for cutting jobs while increasing taxes.
    Voters voiced their displeasure with the district May 20 when they voted down the 2008-09 budget 1,849 to 294 and unseated three board members.
    After one meeting in executive session and two public meetings, the board decided to cut $135,200 from the $49.4 million contingency budget, which was adopted June 2.
    Mr. Militello has created several new programs for the students in Carthage, including ninth-grade academies, alternative scheduling and a full-day summer school.
    “I’m very happy to be going to a district with an excellent reputation for education,” Mr. Militello said Tuesday night. “I want to thank the community, the teachers, the board and the parents for helping Carthage move from a district where three of our schools are in need of improvement to where four of our five schools are high performing.”
    Mr. Militello would not say when he started looking for another job or whether the controversy surrounding the budget played a factor in his decision to leave.
    He said he would submit his resignation for the board’s consideration at its meeting Monday.
    Mr. Militello will start at Niagara Wheatfield on Aug. 1 and will make $155,000, which is an $8,000 increase from what he makes at Carthage.
    Niagara Wheatfield has 4,200 students, compared with Carthage’s 3,714, and recently passed a 2008-09 budget of $68 million.
    The Niagara Wheatfield Board of Education has been searching for a new superintendent since March, but Carthage Board of Education President John E. Peck said he just learned about Mr. Militello’s decision to leave the district Monday. He also said the district would release a statement regarding his departure today.
   “After all this community and your newspaper has put him through, I don’t blame him for leaving one bit,” Mr. Peck said Tuesday night. He also said Mr. Militello has done everything the board has asked him to do and has “advanced the district educationally.”
    The board will discuss Mr. Militello’s replacement at its July 14 reorganizational meeting.


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