Cows killed in blaze

Watertown Daily Times
Fire destroys barn, kills over 30 cows
CAUSE UNKNOWN: Owner escapes after trying to save cattle; some of his dairy herd is rescued
Date: Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Section: Jefferson
Edition: Both
Page: B5
Illustration: Color photo by Dustin Safranek Watertown Daily Times (Page A1)
   More than 30 cows were killed and a barn was destroyed in a fire Monday night.About 8:30 p.m., a 911 call came in saying the barn was engulfed in flames and a person was trapped inside while trying to rescue cows.
   When firefighters arrived on the scene the missing person was accounted for, but the cows were trapped.
    The barn, at County Route 20 and Elm Ridge Road in the town of Philadelphia, is owned by Helen E. and Steven R. Brotherton. Mr. Brotherton, who went into the barn to try to save his cows, was evaluated at the scene for smoke inhalation but was not taken to the hospital. With the help of neighbors, he was able to rescue some of his dairy herd.
   Glenn W. Morrison, Jefferson County fire and emergency management director, said Philadelphia, Antwerp, Oxbow, Theresa, Evans Mills, Calcium, Great Bend and Redwood fire departments were on the scene to provide mutual aid.
    Smoke and an orange glow could be seen from several miles away.
    Mr. Morrison said there is no word yet of what started the fire.
    Michael J. and Deborah A. Freeman live on County Route 20, and when they heard the firetrucks, they looked out their back door and saw the barn ablaze.
    “I thought, ‘Wow, that’s a big fire,'” Mr. Freeman said. “We came over here to make sure Helen and Steve were OK.”


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