Tourist in your own city

The Thousand Islands - home to Boldt Castle, Millionaire's Row and breathtaking views everwhere you turn.

The Thousand Islands - home to Boldt Castle, Millionaire's Row and breathtaking views everwhere you turn.

In a recent blog post by Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn he said that he lived in Chicago for 23 years before going to the top of the Sear’s Tower.
I lived in the Detroit-area for about 20 years before moving to Northern New York. I know that there are several things in Michigan – seeing Grand Rapids (the second-largest city in the state), or going to a Detroit Red Wings game – that I wish I would have done.
Since I’ve been in NNY, I’ve been to the Thousand Islands area, which is AMAZING and gorgeous. I think everyone should see the TI’s before they die. I’ve been to Utica, I’ve been camping in the Adirondacks, I’ve been to Syracuse and NYC, but there are still several things I’d like to do before I (read: If I) leave the state.
I’d like to go to Albany, Buffalo, Rochester – the major cities – but I’d also like to explore some of the older towns that hold interesting trivia like White Hall, NY – the home of Sasquatch.
Are there places where you live that you’ve always wanted to visit? Are there places you’ve been and would recommend to anyone – local or tourist alike?


2 thoughts on “Tourist in your own city

  1. It’s not exactly a tourist attraction, but I keep saying I want to check out that Depot cafe in Adams Center…it just looks so interesting tucked back in by the railroad tracks, and one of these days I’m finally going to break down and just stop in for a bite to eat.

    I did just go to Day, NY yesterday, way up in the Adirondack Park. Holy moly…no cell service up there! I spent the whole afternoon on the lake tubing so it wasn’t like I needed it, but when I got back into the camp it felt wrong that I didn’t have emails waiting for me on my iPhone, LOL.

  2. Mary says:

    Lake Placid, Ausable Forks (and Ausable Chasm), Letchworth Park, Geneva, and Saratoga Springs (since you want to hit Albany anyway) are a few places you will just love! So much hiking around Ausable and Letchworth. Lake Placid is just plain cool, (and don’t forget to stop at Tail o’ the Pup outside of Saranac Lake) on your way there. Saratoga Springs is full of local history, and small specialty shops. The Putnam Market is a winner for lunch while in the village.

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