Top 5 social networking sites for journos

This week’s mid-week memo is about social networking sites for journalists (or at least the ones I find most helpful and entertaining).
5. Publish2: A site for journalists only. Great resource for links to interesting and well-written stories.
4. YouTube and Flickr: Both great sites for journalists to reach out to an audience who are, for the most part, extremely visual. Continually updated YouTube and Flickr accounts will keep bringing back viewers.
3. Digg: Another great link-sharing Web-site. Great to see what people are reading the most.
2. Twitter: One of my absolute favorites. It’s a great site for really connecting to readers and forming that dialogue that people are looking for. Really get into this one – use @replies, hashtags,, etc.
While this is a great tool, it’s still developing and doesn’t have quite the base of users like Facebook.
1. Facebook: An amazing way to connect with readers. So many possibilities: fan pages and personal pages, sharing links, videos and photos, etc. While Twitter has been instrumental in starting the conversation, Facebook is great for keeping it going. You can post more in-depth status messages, create events, groups and more. In my experience, Facebook has also driven more people to the paper’s Web site – while Twitter only drives between 300-500/month, Facebook has been giving us more than 3,000 hits/month.

So there’s this week’s memo! What do you think? What are your Top 5 social media sites for journos?


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