Two down, 28 to go!

Last week, a good friend of mine took me to a gun range to cross of the next thing on my 30 by 30 list: Shoot a gun.

I carefully chose who I wanted to take me to shoot. I needed someone who would teach me about guns, but who would also teach me to not be so afraid of them. I knew my friend, Chuck, would give me the perfect combination of support and teasing about being so scared.

I have never touched a gun, heard a gunshot or seen any kind of gun being shot – even a BB gun. I was TERRIFIED!

When the soundproof doors opened and we stepped into the range the first gunshot almost made me cry. I couldn’t believe how close these guns were, how loud they were and how easy it would be for someone to turn and kill me with one shot.

Chuck quickly stepped up to the line, showed me what I needed to do, took a quick shot and turned over the Glock to me. I wasn’t ready. I wanted to see him shoot at least a few more rounds before I took the gun in my hand. But, I realized I needed to step up and do it. Seize the day and shoot that damn gun. And, I did it – and actually did it pretty well!

It was empowering, terrifying and fun all at the same time. Between many of the shots I had to stop, wipe my sweaty palms and shake out the nerves before picking the gun up to shoot again. But, I did it. And I’m proud. I’m no longer terrified of guns – I respect them and I’m still a little nervous, but I’m already planning my next trip to the range.

Two down, 28 to go. Next up: Locavore for a month!


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