Four down, 26 to go!

I’ve completed four goals on my 30 by 30 list – drink a martini, shoot a gun, become a better softball player and be a locavore for a month! Now, only 26 more to complete! This week, my Eat Local Challenge wrap-up article was posted. I shared how I did with the challenge, what I learned, what was the biggest challenge and what was the most fun.

I’d like to use some of the stuff I learned during the month and apply it to my everyday life. I realized how important buying and eating locally is for the environment and for business. I don’t think I could revert back to not thinking of where my food is coming from. I definitely think twice now before eating at a chain restaurant or buying from someone not locally based. In future ELC blog updates, what topics would you like to see covered?

Back to the 30 by 30 list – what should I cross off next? In 2 weeks I’m taking a “lay on the beach with my friends vacation” for my 27th birthday. So that will make me halfway to my goal of crossing 10 things off my list this year!

I’m going to let my readers decide: What’s next off my list? Take the poll.


One thought on “Four down, 26 to go!

  1. Very exciting! I found you through the Eat Local Challenge, since I’m hoping to do my own coming soon. But now that I’ve visited your blog, I love the 30 by 30 idea, and may do one of my own! I am about the same age now as when you started a few months back (26 and a half-ish). Hm . . what would go on my list?

    Thanks for the inspiration! I’ll be following your progress. 🙂

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