What I’m Reading Wednesday

I just made up a new favorite day on my site – What I’m Reading Wednesday. 

I read so many things every.single.day. They may be industry-related news, baseball stories, new FB pages I found, photos, whatever. I have so many interests that extend beyond social media/marketing, so I’ll make sure to include all of these as well. Be sure to check back every Wednesday for more stories that are fun, exciting, enthralling and whatever other compelling adjectives you want to use! 

ImageI love this infographic from Post Planner. They use Caesar, Joan of Arc and other historical figures to illustrate how to rock Facebook one status at a time.  

From Edgerank to targeting different fans and getting the most out of every single post, this infographic covers it all. Super fun! 

Another jam-packed article from Post Planner is this one: Warning: these 58 Social Media Tips could Explode Your Content Marketing. We all know the over-used saying “Content is King.” This takes you step-by-step through every social media channel and tells you how you can optimize your keywords, posts, target audience, strategies, etc. for the best interaction from your community. 

While we’re talking about Post Planner (can you tell I spent some time cyber stalking their posts this week?) here are a couple more articles worth a read: 7 No-Brainer Tips to Write an Awesome Facebook Post and 9 Surefire Ways to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page

I’m a huge Jason Falls fan, so I read Social Media Explorer frequently. I like this post a lot: “Great Social Media Requires a Bigger Trash Can – It’s time to start throwing away more content than you publish.” Here’s a great quote from the article: 

“… at the end of the day the social media network doesn’t matter. That’s right, I said it. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vine or any other social media channel you are using will NOT generate success for your company. Ridiculously amazing content is what generates success.”

And here’s your friendly reminder that BASEBALL SEASON STARTED this week with pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training. As my friend likes to point out – “it’s cold, it will be warm, and then cold again before baseball season is over.” I love the long season – how about you? Go Tigers! 

Random ending: I’m really digging this song by Eli Young Band.

You gotta fail a thousand times
before you see it through.
you gotta spend your last dime
before you ever make a million.
you gotta know what brought you here
and you gotta lose to persevere.
but it’s the way the sun will rise
through the darkest night.
yeah it’s always been worth the fight.


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