What I’m Reading Wednesday

I haven’t had a whole lot of time this week to write, so I apologize for the lack of intriguing, exciting posts. But, I have fun news coming up so stay tuned!

The second edition of “What I’m Reading Wednesday” is a doozy! There are so many good things going around the ‘net this week that I have to share a couple of them. What are y’all reading this week?

In my ever-loving online stalking of Post Planner, I found their Status Idea Engine. It’s really fun and gives you a ton of ideas for social media statuses. Even if you don’t use any of them, it’s worth a look. They’re pretty excellent!!

HubSpot has featured an awesome blog this week titled “30 Terrible Pieces of Social Media Advice You Should Ignore.” It’s amazing and full of great advice that everyone – especially those who are new to the social media scene and are looking for some guidance. A couple of my favorite “myths” in this piece are:

  • You need to be on every single social network
  • You don’t need email
  • You can automate all of your updates

A couple of other posts I’m obsessed with this week: Social Media Examiner’s “21 Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros” and Inc’s “12 Great Motivational Quotes for 2013.”  While you’re on Inc.com, also check out “10 Things Extraordinary People Say Every Day.”


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