what I’m reading Wednesday (eve)

So it’s not Wednesday, but I found a really good article and, to be honest, come tomorrow I’ll forget to post it. Here’s what I’m reading today:

How to Get Everything You Want via Inc.

This is a great article about not only getting what you want, but it also notes that if you put others first, you are able to be happier and get ahead in life.

Here are my favorite parts of “How to Get Everything You want”:

Listen First and Never Stop Listening

Help Others: When you want something from someone, instead of asking for it, help that person get what he or she wants.

Be Yourself: Authentic, Transparent, and Vulnerable: This is my favorite point made by the author. Oprah Winfrey stated, “I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I’ve become. If I had, I’d have done it a lot earlier.”

Tell, Don’t Sell: Whether it’s a product, service, idea, or yourself that you’re trying to sell–give up on “selling.” Instead, focus on telling a great story–captivating your audience, bringing to life what the future will bring, and painting a great picture of what will happen if you get what you want.

Inject Passion Into Every Interaction: If you’re not passionate about what you’re talking about, why should someone else care?

Surprise and Delight Others: You know how when you walk into a casino, there’s always a slot machine going off somewhere in the background, telling the world that another person just hit a jackpot? This is what social psychologists call variable rewards. You don’t know when you’re going to win; you just have enough positive experiences that you feel excited, even when you’re not winning. When you surprise and delight others, not only do you make them happy–you remind them that you’re the type of person who might surprise and delight them soon again.

Use The Four Most Important Words in Business and Life: Say “I’m sorry” when you make a mistake and “thank you” as much as you can … I send three hand-written thank you cards every morning. I send them to staff, customers, vendors, the media, and friends, and not only do I find people love receiving cards, but writing “thank you” puts me in an incredible mindset to start my day. This is not just about sending cards, though. It’s about having a deep appreciation for and wonder about the people and world around you. 


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