30 by 30 update

Five down, 25 to go!

It seems like I’ve been doing a lot for this 30 by 30 challenge, but the things on my list are getting crossed off at such a slow rate. It’s time to step it up! Last week I went to Solana Beach, California with a good friend for a relaxing, lay on the beach vacation. It definitely wasn’t long enough, but it was relaxing and exactly what I needed, and I got to cross something off my list!

A lot of you took my Survey about what I should cross off my list next. It’s almost an exact tie between Complete a 5k and Take a Yoga or Pilates class. Well, I’ve added Zumba to the list of classes I could take, so I think I’ll do that next.

I’m joining a gym this week in order to complete both. I want to take a class within a month, and I’ll start my 5k training using the Couch to 5k (C25K) program. I’ve used this before and saw some great results within a couple of weeks. I’ve never been able to stick with it – A nasty cold derailed me once and tendonitis was the culprit the next time – but I’m confident that by starting on a treadmill this time, I’ll be able to stay with it and complete the 6k I want to do in December!

Also, as you can see there’s also a vacant spot on the list – the #1 spot! What should I add to my list? If you were to have a 30 by 30 or bucket list, what would be on it?


Four down, 26 to go!

I’ve completed four goals on my 30 by 30 list – drink a martini, shoot a gun, become a better softball player and be a locavore for a month! Now, only 26 more to complete! This week, my Eat Local Challenge wrap-up article was posted. I shared how I did with the challenge, what I learned, what was the biggest challenge and what was the most fun.

I’d like to use some of the stuff I learned during the month and apply it to my everyday life. I realized how important buying and eating locally is for the environment and for business. I don’t think I could revert back to not thinking of where my food is coming from. I definitely think twice now before eating at a chain restaurant or buying from someone not locally based. In future ELC blog updates, what topics would you like to see covered?

Back to the 30 by 30 list – what should I cross off next? In 2 weeks I’m taking a “lay on the beach with my friends vacation” for my 27th birthday. So that will make me halfway to my goal of crossing 10 things off my list this year!

I’m going to let my readers decide: What’s next off my list? Take the poll.

30 by 30 List Update

I’ve completely my “Locavore for a month” challenge! It went a lot better than I was expecting. I learned so much about food and a lot about how much I can push myself and what my limits are. I’m putting together my wrap-up article for Eat Local Challenge. Do you have any questions you’d like to see me answer in the piece? Anything I should clarify or address? Post your comments below!

Two down, 28 to go!

Last week, a good friend of mine took me to a gun range to cross of the next thing on my 30 by 30 list: Shoot a gun.

I carefully chose who I wanted to take me to shoot. I needed someone who would teach me about guns, but who would also teach me to not be so afraid of them. I knew my friend, Chuck, would give me the perfect combination of support and teasing about being so scared.

I have never touched a gun, heard a gunshot or seen any kind of gun being shot – even a BB gun. I was TERRIFIED!

When the soundproof doors opened and we stepped into the range the first gunshot almost made me cry. I couldn’t believe how close these guns were, how loud they were and how easy it would be for someone to turn and kill me with one shot.

Chuck quickly stepped up to the line, showed me what I needed to do, took a quick shot and turned over the Glock to me. I wasn’t ready. I wanted to see him shoot at least a few more rounds before I took the gun in my hand. But, I realized I needed to step up and do it. Seize the day and shoot that damn gun. And, I did it – and actually did it pretty well!

It was empowering, terrifying and fun all at the same time. Between many of the shots I had to stop, wipe my sweaty palms and shake out the nerves before picking the gun up to shoot again. But, I did it. And I’m proud. I’m no longer terrified of guns – I respect them and I’m still a little nervous, but I’m already planning my next trip to the range.

Two down, 28 to go. Next up: Locavore for a month!

30 by 30 progress

This has been quite the week! I’ve started doing interval training for the 5k I hope to run in December and I took softball hitting lessons last weekend which, I hope, will help me become a better softball player! Here are couple photos from this past week!

30 by 30 list

On New Year’s day I was featured in an article on CNN.com about New Year’s resolutions.

30 by 30 list as of Jan. 19, 2011

My resolution is to focus on myself and my goals. To be more specific, I want to knock 10 items off of my 30 by 30 list this year. This is a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30 (today I am 26 and a half-ish). The things on the list range from shooting a gun to recording and song to falling in love.

I’ve shared this list with a few people and each time I talk about it, everyone seems genuinely interested in the list and the process. Because of this, I thought I’d share my journey on my blog.

The list changes and updates often so I’ll post the most up-to-date version under the 30 by 30 tab at the top of the page.

I wanted this to be a personal experience, which is why there is writing and notes all over the list, which is kept in my wallet at all times. Everyone who helps me do something on my list signs the back and jots down some words of encouragement or inspiration. The items with bullet points next to them are those I hope to accomplish in 2011. The timelines noted to the right of each item were added by a friend to help me keep on track.

As you can see the #1 spot on the list is currently vacant. It had read “Travel overseas,” but since I have so many other travel goals on the list, I don’t think I’ll have the time or financial resources necessary for a trip overseas by the time I’m 30. So, I’m taking suggestions as to what else I can include on my list.

Tonight marks the first step toward accomplishing one of the items – it’s my first meeting with a voice coach. One of the items on the list is “Record a song.” This won’t be something distributed or shared with the world, but it’s something I’m doing for me. I’ve always had this love affair with music and singing, so I’m looking forward to creating my own song. I hope working with a voice coach will help me prepare for the recording and also help me network with people who have access to a studio!

And, although I haven’t done it in a couple of weeks, I’m also in the process of training to run a 5k. I’m using the Couch to 5k program, which uses a 9 week program to help the runner complete a 5k. Mine is a little slower than the 9 weeks, but I hope to run a 5k in December of this year!

I’m really excited about this journey and happy to be sharing it here with you. I’m looking forward to learning more about myself and others through this process and I can’t wait to cross so more things off my list!

Stay tuned!